About us

Our Mission:

Strengthen and enrich our community through assisting the soccer program in developing mind, body and spirit of players.

Our Beliefs:

We believe soccer is a wonderful sport and a vehicle for instilling life skills in children and building character in our community.

We believe in Martin Luther King’s concept of a beloved community - a community based on equal opportunity and love of one’s fellow human beings.

We believe success is a process. We recognize each individual player’s skill level and help them reach their personal goals.

What Guides Us? Our Core Values: Accessibility, Inclusivity, Impact, and Growth.


Making soccer accessible to all youth, regardless of skill level, ethnicity, or socio-economic background.

DDYSC is a need–based system as opposed to talent-based system. The program is focused on meeting the needs of community. We actively seek and aid those in financial need.


Placing the principle of an inclusive environment above results

Our type of outreach personifies who we are – placing diversity and inclusivity and life approach above all else. We utilize the universal language of soccer to bring players together from around the world.


Creating a powerful community impact

Our soccer family provides support to refugee families beyond the confines of the soccer field, including providing transportation, financial assistance and supporting them in their everyday activities.

We promote players to move on beyond their current circumstances through aiding with college searches and applications, providing exposure to college coaches and assisting with the college recruiting process


Using soccer to grow the whole child

Our coaches are not here to teach for a season, a year, or an age group. They are teaching and mentoring for the life of the player. Their goal is to impart a healthy lifestyle, teach accountability and instill confidence.